Triumph Story: Jim’s Success is More than a Feeling

The Sights for Hope Lehigh Valley Service Center is fortunate to also be the home to the Posch Braille Library. Dianne Michels, our Vision Rehabilitation Therapist, provides Braille class to clients at various levels, and Jim* is one of those clients.

Jim came to Sights for Hope after having been blinded in an accident. With Dianne’s help and expertise, Jim began the process of learning Braille. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Jim began his lessons over the telephone.

Jim and Dianne continued to meet weekly by phone and read together from a braille primer. Since his first lesson, Jim has learned letters A through P. Braille involves learning the pattern of dots, and often the relationships of the space between the dots. When Jim was recently hospitalized, his lessons immediately came into play. He was happy to report that he was able to read the call button at his hospital bed because the button is marked with a Braille “N” for “nurse”.

Jim’s experience is the perfect example of how Sights for Hope’s programs and supportive services have significant positive impacts on the community members we work with. It is incredible to know that even the little bit of Braille Jim had learned was so critical to his increased quality of life. Jim is now also able to read elevator buttons and has learned to type Braille numbers. He finds these new skills really useful in his day to day life.

With the help of its donors and supporters, Sights for Hope is able to continue to provide Braille lessons for our clients like Jim. To support our Braille program, contact our Advancement office to make a contribution or to donate a new or gently-used Braillewriter.

*Client name changed for privacy.