Technology Solutions

Our specialized technology solutions help people with visual impairments use their capabilities for their specific needs.

Functional Low Vision Exams

  • Functional exams at our Lehigh Valley and Monroe low vision care centers are available to both our clients and patients referred by external physicians.
  • These specialized exams determine what magnifiers or devices are best for each person.
  • Our exams are performed by Anthony Silvetti, O.D., a low vision optometrist who has more than 30 years of experience and was trained at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.
  • Exams are eligible for coverage by Medicare and many medical insurance policies.

Assistive Devices and Technologies

  • Consultations about assistive technologies are provided with all examinations.
  • Clients and patients also can purchase devices for everyday life tasks inside our vision aids stores.
  • We can help clients and patients seek financial assistance toward their purchases.

Contact for Information

Jennifer Pandolfo, 570.992.7787, Ext. 222