Our People

Photo of Dennis Zehner

Dennis Zehner

Executive Director and CEO

Dennis Zehner has been our Executive Director and CEO since July 1, 2020. He had been our Director of Advancement from 2018-2020.

In his time as Executive Director, Dennis has led the efforts to change our agency’s name to Sights for Hope and to implement a brand focused on empowerment and independence. He also has reshaped our organization’s staff, recruited and added key members to our leadership group, ensured our maintained operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, led a restructuring of our financial management processes, and influenced key additions to our Board of Directors.

Dennis has more than 20 years of experience in the Lehigh Valley’s nonprofit sector, in which he specialized in marketing, communications, and fundraising. He has worked previously with United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, the Da Vinci Science Center, and what is now the Literacy Center of the Lehigh Valley. Dennis holds a graduate certificate in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University and a degree in Journalism from Lehigh University.

Photo of Michael Wambaugh

Michael Wambaugh

Board of Directors President

Michael Wambaugh became President of our Board of Directors on July 1, 2021. He had served as the board’s Vice President from 2017-2021.

Michael has spent his adult life working to improve the well-being of others. He served in the United States Army for three years as a helicopter crew chief. After his military service, he worked as a safety specialist for Air Products and Chemicals for more than 25 years until his 2019 retirement.

Michael became familiar with our organization in 2005 when his first wife, Joyce, became a client because of retinal edema. After Joyce passed away in 2015, Michael joined our board to honor her memory. Michael and his present wife, Mila, are among our most generous benefactors and are lifetime members of our 20/20 Society of donors.

Kate Raymond

Kate Raymond

Board of Directors Vice President

Kate Raymond became Vice President of our Board of Directors on July 1, 2021. She had served as the board’s Secretary from 2020-2021.

Kate joined the agency’s Advancement Committee in 2018 and was elected to its board in May 2019. Kate has been a Director of Marketing and Public Relations for St. Luke’s University Health Network since 2011. She is responsible for the promotion of the network and several of its components – including its weight management center, its School of Nursing, and the Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine.

A graduate of Northampton Area High School, Kate holds a master’s degree in American Studies from Lehigh University and a degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Susquehanna University.

Photo of Jennifer Pandolfo

Jennifer Pandolfo

Associate Director and Director of Services

Jennifer Pandolfo became Sights for Hope’s Associate Director in October 2021 and has been our Director of Services since April 2020. She had served as our Director of Monroe Operations from 2015-2020.

As Associate Director, Pandolfo informs and participates in efforts to develop and execute our organization’s strategic plan. She also provides expertise, perspectives, and support to the implementation of policies, procedures, and activities that benefit our operations and reputation among our stakeholder groups.

As Director of Services, Pandolfo has led a restructuring of our services staff and developed hybrid delivery of several of its client services. She also has created our Mom and Me in Motion and Preschool Playtime programs for pre-kindergarten children with visual impairments and their families.

Jennifer has 15 years of experience in the social services sector. She is a former Program Director and Acting Executive Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Morris County, N.J., and a former support specialist with Step By Step, Inc., who worked with children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders.

Jennifer holds a degree in Community Psychology from Montclair State University and studied Social Work on a graduate level from New York University. She also is Vice President of the Pocono Autism Society and Secretary of the InterAgency Council of Monroe County.

Photo of Christe Konopitski

Christe Konopitski

Director of Advancement

Christe Konopitski has been our Director of Advancement since October 2020.

Christe has driven efforts to implement our Sights for Hope name and brand, developed our Community Partner program, acquired gifts from more than 250 new donors and previous donors, and increased our donor retention rate.

Christe also has been part of successful fundraising efforts in her work with the Perkiomen School in Pennsburg, PA, and the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia and as a board member for The Open Link in Pennsburg, PA, and for AEquitas in Washington, D.C. Christe holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Drexel University.

Anthony Silvetti, O.D.

Anthony Silvetti, O.D.

Low Vision Optometrist

Anthony Silvetti, O.D., has been our Low Vision Optometrist since the consolidation of ABVI and VIABL in 2010. He had served in the same capacity with VIABL from 1996-2009.

Dr. Silvetti examines clients and patients at both our Lehigh Valley and Monroe locations to identify methods and assistive tools that enhance their independence and enable them to conduct the activities that are most important to them.

Dr. Silvetti also provides these specialized services for Northeast Sight Services in Exeter, PA, and practices for Houser Newman Associates in Tamaqua, PA. He has more than 30 years of experience and was trained at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and the Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center in New York, N.Y.

Photo of Transport Driver Byron Jackson helping an agency client exit a vehicle

Our Team

Personnel List

Dennis Zehner, Executive Director and CEO
Jennifer Pandolfo, Associate Director and Director of Services
Christe Konopitski, Director of Advancement
Rita Lang, Client Activities Manager
Nancy Cobb, Operations Manager
Anthony Silvetti, O.D., Low Vision Optometrist

Teresa Pickett, Services Coordinator
Dianne Michels, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist
Yvette Quintero, Lead Client Caseworker
Stephanie Guillen, Lehigh Valley Client Caseworker
Erin Hahn, Lehigh Valley Client Caseworker
Erica Vibert, Lehigh Valley Client Caseworker
Melinda Weston, Monroe Client Caseworker
Kim Williams, Lehigh Valley Low Vision Care Coordinator
Cheryl Miller, Monroe Low Vision Care Coordinator
Brian Schell, Lehigh Valley Transport Coordinator
Lisa Metcalf, Monroe Transport Coordinator
Richard Hubbs, Lehigh Valley Transport Driver
Noel Penaloza, Lehigh Valley Transport Driver
Les Schoenberger, Lehigh Valley Transport Driver
Veronica Beyer, Monroe Transport Driver
Kareem Harvey, Monroe Transport Driver
Byron Jackson, Monroe Transport Driver
Carol Weisberg, Camp Program Specialist
Ruth Asmus, Lehigh Valley Prevention Specialist
Colleen Rountree, Lehigh Valley Prevention Specialist
Angela Hill, Monroe Prevention Specialist

Photo to represent the agency's Board of Directors

Agency Board of Directors

The Sights for Hope Board of Directors oversees our agency’s activities, holds fiduciary responsibility, and provides strategic direction to ensure fulfillment of our mission.

A stock photo that represents the endowment Board of Directors

Endowment Foundation Board of Directors

Our affiliated Sights for Hope Endowment Foundation was created in 1980 to facilitate funding opportunities based on best investment practices that ensure our agency’s sustainability.