Sights for Hope Awards

Sights for Hope bestows these awards to people in its communities and beyond at its discretion.

Accessibility Champion Award

The Accessibility Champion Award honors individuals and organizations for their sustained commitments to removing the barriers to independence and success caused by visual impairments.

Accessibility Champion Award Honorees
Bethlehem Boating Club (2019)

The Bethlehem Boating Club was honored for hosting annual outings on the Lehigh River for people with visual impairments over six decades. The former Alton Park Lions Club and the Mountainville Lions Club also were recognized with this award for their sponsorships and support.

Pennsylvania Lions District 14-K and its Clubs (2018)

Pennsylvania Lions District 14-K and its member clubs were honored for forming two organizations in 1928 to serve people with visual impairments the Lehigh Valley area. These organizations evolved into what is known today as Sights for Hope.

Chrysalis Award

The Chrysalis Award honors people who have visual impairments and transformed the world around them.

Chrysalis Award Honorees
Francis Salerno, M.D. (2013)

Francis Salerno, M.D., Associate Chief of Geriatrics for Lehigh Valley Health Network, was honored for becoming the health network’s first Chief of Geriatrics after losing all of his sight at the age of 29 and for advocating for improved services for older adults through his teachings and writings.

Amy Bower, Ph.D. (2011)

Amy Bower, Ph.D., of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, was honored for her leveraging of assistive technologies for people with visual impairments to earn her doctorate and to become an internationally-distinguished research oceanographer.