Our Board of Directors

The Sights for Hope Board of Directors oversees our operations, holds fiduciary responsibility, and provides strategic direction to ensure fulfillment of our vision and mission.


Board Officers and Members

Michael Wambaugh, President
Air Products and Chemicals, Retired

Kate Raymond, Vice President
St. Luke’s University Health Network

Fred Folland, Treasurer
Hop Energy, Retired

Devin Darby, MS, OTR/L, Secretary
Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

DaWayne Cleckley
Strategic Arc Limited

Jeffrey Deloglos

Gary Dvorshak
Sights for Hope Client

Linwood Gehris
Affiliated Financial Planners

Martin Lang, CPA
Sights for Hope Endowment Foundation

Daniel Lombardo
Pennsylvania Lions District 14-K

Lucille Piggot-Prawl
Monroe Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania 

H. Ross Ramaley, Esq.
Attorney at Law

Janet Salek
Monroe Volunteer and Educator, Retired

Michael Savage
Savage Financial Group and Tannersville Lions Club

Steven Savino
Lehigh University College of Business

Board Committees

  • Executive Committee: Michael Wambaugh (President), Kate Raymond (Vice President); Fred Folland (Treasurer); Devin Darby (Secretary); DaWayne Cleckley (Member at-Large), Linwood Gehris (Member at-Large)

Board Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 5 p.m., Lehigh Valley Services Center

Board Membership

  • The Board of Directors consists of 15-21 members.
  • The board has 12-18 Community Directors who are elected by its members. Community Directors are elected to three-year terms and can be elected to up to three consecutive terms.
  • The board has at least one Sights for Hope client who serves as a Client Director upon election by the board’s membership. The Client Director is elected to a three-year term and can be elected up to three consecutive terms.
  • The board has one representative chosen by the Sights for Hope Endowment Foundation to serve as an Endowment Foundation Director. The Endowment Foundation Director serves a three-year term but there are no limits to the number of consecutive terms they can serve.
  • The Immediate Past District Governor of Pennsylvania Lions District 14-K serves as a Lions Leadership Director for one year immediately following their District Governor term. The Lions Leadership Director may be elected subsequently as a Community Director for a two-year term and up to two additional three-year terms.
  • Board officers serve two-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms in the same position.
  • Board members who achieve term limits for membership may be elected again to the board after one year.

Our Transparency

Sights for Hope Bylaws (Accessible .pdf)

Contact for Information

Dennis Zehner, 610.433.6018, Ext. 241