Focused Futures Program

The Focused Futures program seeks to ensure that at least 2,500 children ages 0-6 receive eye exams and glasses from 2022 to 2030. Sights for Hope’s partners connect qualifying families with free or low cost eye care services from participating professionals.

Photo of a young boy being screened for visual impairments by a Spot Vision Screener

How Families Qualify

  • Families qualify exclusively when their children receive a free Sights for Hope vision screening, are referred for additional care, and meet standards set by its partners.
  • The quantity of free and low cost services available is at the discretion of the partners.
Phot of a female doctor wearing a white coat and mask holding a white sign with the Valley Health Partners logo

Valley Health Partners

  • Valley Health Partners (VHP) in Allentown, PA, provides eye exams, glasses, and other optometry services for children ages 0-6 with a sliding scale fee structure.
  • Valley Health Partners is a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike (FQHC-LA) by Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) that does not turn patients away based on their ability to pay.
  • Sights for Hope can provide referrals for families and coordinate directly with VHP professionals.
Photo of a young girl in a green dress holding up a white sign with the Stroudsburg Eye Specialists logo

Stroudsburg Eye Specialists

Photo of a young boy sitting on a park bench next to a pair of glasses and a book while holding a sign with the Pennsylvania Vision Foundation logo

Pennsylvania Vision Foundation

  • The Pennsylvania Vision Foundation, an affiliate of Vision Benefits of America (VBA), provides free eye exams and glasses to families that live in Pennsylvania, have an income of 300% or less of the federal poverty threshold, and are underinsured for vision care.
  • Sights for Hope team members confirm qualifications and enroll families into the program.
  • Services must be provided by VBA-affiliated eye care professionals.
Photo of a happy young girl holding a sign with the VSP Eyes of Hope logo

VSP Eyes of Hope

  • Sights for Hope is an authorized distributor of VSP Eyes of Hope gift certificates for access to free eye exam and glasses from participating eye care professionals.
  • To qualify, a family’s income must be no greater than 200% of the federal poverty threshold and it must not receive any other insurance coverage for eye care and eyewear.
Photo of a young boy with glasses holding a sign with the St. Luke's University Health Network logo

St. Luke’s University Health Network

  • St. Luke’s University Health Network has provided vouchers for free eye exams and glasses to children screened by Sights for Hope during kindergarten registration at Marvine Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA.

Contacts for More Information

Jennifer Pandolfo, 570.992.7787, Ext. 222
Enid Cruz, 610.433.6018, Ext. 240