Erica Vibert Named to Sights for Hope’s Client Casework Team

Sights for Hope has named Erica Vibert as its newest client caseworker. Vibert had been the agency’s Prevention Services Coordinator since Oct. 2020.

Caseworkers guide clients with visual impairments to services that meet their personal goals, monitor client progress, arrange for one-on-one instruction, and make referrals. Caseworkers also conduct home visits, during which they can help a client read mail, write checks, manage finances, and complete forms. Caseworkers also can perform basic home repairs to ensure a client’s safety. Vibert will serve as one of two caseworkers who work with clients in the Lehigh Valley area. Sights for Hope offers casework throughout its service area in both English and Spanish.

As Prevention Services Coordinator, Vibert helped provide free vision screenings for children and community education programs that promote healthy eyesight.

Prior to joining Sights for Hope, formerly known as Center for Vision Loss, Vibert was an assistant teacher at The Goodard School in Bethlehem, PA; a daycare teacher at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, PA; a substitute teacher for the Delaware Valley School District in Milford, PA; and a coordinator for the Warwick Valley Prevention Coalition in Warwick, N.Y.

Vibert has a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Moravian College.

Sights for Hope opens paths to greater independence for people with visual impairments and promotes healthy eyesight for future generations. With operations in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and Monroe County, it combines a service tradition motivated by Helen Keller in 1928 with contemporary practices and advanced technologies. Sights for Hope champions the achievement of important daily tasks, increases access to medical services and food, enhances personal wellness, and extends self-sufficiency for people with visual impairments. The organization also provides free vision screenings for children that stimulate success in school and eye health and safety programs for people of all ages. Sights for Hope impacts more than 10,000 community members in a typical year through its services for people with visual impairments, screenings, and prevention education. All agency services are provided at little or no cost, and 85% of its clients and patients are from low-income households.