Posch Braille Library

The Posch Braille Library at our Lehigh Valley Services Center includes more than 400 Braille books, games, and additional items. The library is open to our clients during typical service hours by appointment. The library was opened in 2016 and its original items were donated from the collection of Gary John Posch Jr.

List of Books

Posch Braille Library Collection List (.xlsx)
Posch Braille Library Collection List (.pdf)

About Gary John Posch Jr.

Gary John Posch Jr. was an avid braille reader who passed away in 2013 at the age of 36. Gary lost his eyesight due to retinitis pigmentosa, with which he was born. After learning Braille at the age of 13, he became an avid reader who enjoyed reading as a way of “seeing the world.” The books in his collection reflect that love of knowledge. Gary especially enjoyed learning about cooking, the history of all the states in the United States, and baseball. The collection also includes titles in poetry and popular children’s stories. Gary’s parents chose to donate his collection to start the library in his honor.