Our Values

Sights for Hope carries forward a tradition inspired by Helen Keller nearly a century ago to transform lives throughout Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and Monroe County. Our values reflect our attitudes toward our mission, the people we serve, and our stakeholders.


We always are mindful that what we do is about those we serve and not about us.


We recognize and reflect that we serve people who live with visual impairments and blindness, not visually-impaired, blind, or disabled people.


We are true to our word, authentic about who we are, and sincere in our relations with others.


We champion the self-respect of those we serve and reflect pride in our work.


We take what we do seriously but do not take ourselves too seriously.


We seek first to determine how something might be accomplished.


We are secure in that most challenges have more than one right answer and that others see things differently.


We appreciate that force makes one listen once while influence makes one listen again.


We make meaningful and measurable differences on the lives of those we serve.


We encourage and seek participation, insights, and ideas from all people, especially those who are different from us.